Gluten Free Choco Nuts Muesli

By Meadows

Gluten Free Choco Nuts Muesli

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1 Packet = 400 grams

Have a completely nutritious breakfast with this Meadow Organic Choco Nuts Muesli. The organic and gluten free ingredients make it suitable for everyone. You can have it with yogurt, milk or water. Soaking it in milk for 10 mins or refrigerating overnight will enhance the taste and give a much creamier texture. The cashews and hazelnuts in the muesli give an enjoyable crunch while the chocolate drops bring more sweetness and dense flavour.

Ingredients: Gluten Free Oat Flakes, Chocolate Drops, Hazelnuts, and Cashew Nuts.

Product Specifications

Description: Choco Nuts Muesli from Meadow Organic containing a delicious blend of chocolate drops, hazelnuts and cashews with gluten free oats.

Origin: Finland