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By Meadows

Gluten-Free Date Fingers with Black Seeds 160g

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Expiration Date: 2023-05-24

Weight: 160g

Product Description: When nutrition-rich black seeds are sprinkled over these gluten-free and tasty date fingers, they create the best combination you'd always love to have in your pantry. They are made from pure and healthy ingredients like date paste, rice flour, vegetable fat, eggs, and skim milk, so even if you consume a few extra in a day, they won’t harm your health. Cinnamon and vanilla are what bring a satisfying smile on your face right after you open the lid of the box – first, take the essence and then a date finger.

Ingredients: Date Paste, Rice Flour, Sugar, Vegetable fat, Sunflower Oil, Egg, Skim milk, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Shomar, Water.