Baked Gluten Free French - Grainy

By Meadows

Baked Gluten Free French - Grainy

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1 Piece = 160 grams

This healthy Meadows Organic French bread is made of nutritious whole grains and is therefore more flavoursome and nutrient rich. You can use the bread to make a large submarine sandwich or make small ones with different spreads and fillings that perfectly complement the grains used in it. The soft and chewy texture is perfect for gravies as it can easily absorb the liquid like a sponge, giving you an enhanced flavour of whatever you are eating it with.

Ingredients: Water, 23 % corn starch, natural rice sourdough (rice flour, water), 4 % sesame seeds, 4 % linseed, linseed flour, apple bran, sunflower oil, rice flour, 2 % corn flour, psyllium seed husks, pea protein, sea salt, yeast, thickener: guar gum, xanthan gum, and spices.

Product Specifications

Description: Grain-filled gluten free French Grainy Bread by Meadows Organic offering a nutritious option for you to add to your diet.

Origin: UAE