Gluten Free Za’atar Crackers

By Meadows

Gluten Free Za’atar Crackers

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1 Piece = 100g

This pack of Zaatar Crackers are an irresistible snack that can be added with dips, cheese, egg, fish or chicken. The crackers have been made using gluten-free all-purpose wheat flour and whole wheat flour. They are sprinkled with the Za’atar herb to make it flavoursome. The minty, pungent and earthy flavour of this herb makes the snack irresistibly delicious. Delight yourself with this addictive snack while watching your favourite movie or during tea time!

Product Specifications

Description: Pack of Meadows Organic Gluten Free Zaatar Crackers with an addictive taste and crunchy texture. 

Origin: UAE