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LU Grany Maniac Chocolate Cereal Bars 160g

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Expiration Date: 2023-09-30

1 Packet =  160g

Product Description: Nothing can match the pleasure of having chocolate wrapped in cereals that is not just appetizing but equally healthy. Made with selected ingredients and exotic chocolate, the bars are a great combination of taste and a balanced diet. The several kinds of cereals added to the bars come with their individual health benefits. Chocolate on the other side makes your bars tempting.

Ingredients: 35% chocolate [sugar, cocoa mass and butter, whey powder (milk), pastry butter, emulsifiers (E476, soy lecithin), vanilla flavour], cereals 32.3% (rice flour 11.1%, corn kernels 8.6%, oatmeal 6.7%, wheat flakes 4.7%, malted wheat flour 1.2%), glucose syrup, stabilizer (sorbitol), palm oil, sugar, salt, dextrose, gluten (from wheat), hazelnut flavour, rice starch, malted barley extract, emulsifiers (E473, sunflower lecithin), flavour.

Product Specifications

Description: If you’re a chocolate lover and looking for something healthy combined with it, these scrumptious and satisfying chocolate cereal bars are the best.

Origin: France