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LU Grany Puffed Rice & Chocolate Cereal Bars 6X125g

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Expiration Date: 2023-04-03

1 Packet = 6 x 125G

Product Description: Indulge in taste and satisfy your hunger by getting these puffed rice and chocolate cereal bars that are capable enough to keep you full and energized for the day. These bars are made of various cereals say oat flakes, wheat petals, and wheat grains. All these options hold their own importance and come with different nutritional benefits. Puffed rice, on the other hand, is a great combination of high fibre, protein, and complex carbs.

Ingredients: Cereals 24% [oat flakes 12.9%, wheat petals 11.1% (wheat grains 10.6%, sugar, salt, malted barley extract)], glucose syrup, chocolate 20% [sugar, cocoa mass and butter, whey powder (milk), pastry butter, emulsifier (E476, soya lecithin), vanilla flavour], puffed rice billets 18.9% [rice flour 10.2%, flour wheat 6.2%, malted wheat flour 0.7%, sugar, gluten (wheat), dextrose, salt], stabilizer (sorbitol), palm oil, sugar, emulsifiers (E473, sunflower lecithin)

Product Specifications

Description: Keep these cereal bars in your bags that are loaded with the goodness of chocolate and health benefits of cereals and puffed bars, to gain energy whenever you want.

Origin: France