Koukakis - Strained Greek Yoghurt 10% 1KG

By Koukakia Dairy Farm

Koukakis - Strained Greek Yoghurt 10% 1KG

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1 Piece= 1kg

Product Description: A more protein-packed yoghurt than your regular one, this big tub of Greek yoghurt is full with the goodness of fresh full fat cow’s milk. Not just an incredible item for your health, but this versatile yoghurt can be a great addition to many recipes. You can add it into the recipes where you needed sour cream, use it instead of mayo, stir in soups, or while making different baked goods. Also available in an easy-to-use packaging, you can store it and consume it with great ease.

Ingredients: Fresh Full Fat Cow’s Milk, Milk Proteins, Milk Cream, Yoghurt Culture, Fat 10%