Organic Vegan Green Pea Mezze Penne Pasta 250g

By Bioitalia

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Organic Vegan Green Pea Mezze Penne Pasta 250g

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1 Piece= 250gm

Product Description: Peas are one such ingredient that are not liked by everybody, but since they are nutritious, should be added to the daily diet. Then let’s add them in other forms and gain those benefits. Well, this amazing green pea penne pasta made of organic green pea flour can do a wonderful job and can offer the required fibre and protein content to the diet. Available in an easy-to-use penne shape, you can make it with your favourite sautéed veggies and creamy sauces. That way you can make a nutrition-rich dish in no time and that too without compromising on the taste.

Ingredients: Organic Green Pea Flour