Hummus With Herbs 215g

By Mezete

Hummus With Herbs 215g

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Weight: 215g

Product Description: Give your pasta an exotic flavour of herbs with the help of this hummus with herbs. A delicious and nutritious blend of chickpeas and tahini, the mixture tastes really good on the tongue and does no harm to the health. It adds a mix of a few natural herbs to enhance the flavour of hummus as well as your dishes. One can serve this perfection with pita bread, crackers, vegetables, fries, or as a spread for sandwiches. 

Ingredients: Dry chickpeas, Tahini (sesame paste), Water, Citric Acid, Table Salt, Toppings (Thyme, green chilli, sweet green pepper, a mix of natural herbs)

Product Specifications

Description: Hummus with the combination of dry chickpeas, tahini, and some exotic herbs can make a quick option to serve your guests with a delectable dish. 

Origin: Jordan