Hummus Classic with Bread Sticks

By Mezete

Hummus Classic with Bread Sticks

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Weight: 92g

Product Description: If you've got a busy schedule and have no or less time to prepare healthy snacks for yourself, not to worry, hummus classic with breadsticks are there to keep you full. The pack is just perfect to complete your needs of having something wholesome, nutritious, and mouthwatering. Hummus classic is a great combination of chickpeas and tahini that gives a tangy as well as nutty flavour. You can even add lemon, garlic, and olive oil to uplift the taste and let you enjoy with the breadsticks provided. 

Ingredients: Chickpeas, Tahini (SESAME Paste), Water, Salt. Additives: Citric acid - Acidity Regulator (E330) Bread Sticks Ingredients: WHEATFlour (GLUTEN), Water, Non-Hydrogenated Sunflower Oil

Product Specifications

Description: A healthy and a quick way to keep your tummy full and taste buds happy, hummus classic with breadsticks is surely a great choice.

Origin: Jordan