Hummus with Herbs with Bread Sticks 92g

By Mezete

Hummus with Herbs with Bread Sticks 92g

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Weight: 92g

Product Description: Healthy snack is preferred by almost everyone, but lack of time often prevents them from preparing snacks that are full of nutrition. This hummus with herbs and breadsticks is something you can consider as a wholesome and quick-to-grab snack. The tasty hummus is a combination of chickpeas, tahini, blended with some amazing herbs that have the capability of pleasing your taste buds. Breadsticks are made of nutritious wheat flour and can be easily enjoyed with this mixture. 

Ingredients: Dry chickpeas, Tahini (sesame paste), Water, Citric Acid, Table Salt, Toppings (Thyme, green chilli, sweet green pepper, a mix of natural herbs) Bread Sticks Ingredients: WHEATFlour (GLUTEN), Water, Non-Hydrogenated Sunflower Oil

Product Specifications

Description: Hummus with herbs is already a fantastic combination and it can be enjoyed fully without making many efforts with the breadsticks available.

Origin: Jordan