Frozen Pizza Margherita Medium

By QualityFood

Frozen Pizza Margherita Medium

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Size: Medium

Product Description: Confused about deciding on the menu for your kid’s birthday party? The Kosmonte Gusto-Vero Pizza Margherita can be one of the best snacks that are relished by all kids. It has a perfect balance of all ingredients that makes it suitable for kids. Loaded with mozzarella cheese, this Margherita pizza is fresh and tasty. With the tomato and basil leaves topping, this Margherita pizza has a mouth-watering flavour. When served hot, this Margherita pizza smells nice and offers a delicious taste.

Ingredients: Pizza Base (flour, sunflower oil, yeast, salt, water), Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, and Basil Leaves.