Frozen Vegan Egg-Free Tagliatelle Black Ink  400g

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Frozen Vegan Egg-Free Tagliatelle Black Ink 400g

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Weight: 400g

Product Description: Characterized by its distinct colour, the Kosmonte Gusto-Vero Vegan Egg-Free Tagliatelle has a deep black color that is attained by using black charcoal. Made from semolina flour, this tagliatelle is the best alternative for a starchy pasta. Since it is egg-free, this tagliatelle can be a great choice for vegans. The tagliatelle black ink smoothly blends with fish sauces to offer a delightful taste. To enhance its taste, you can cook it in olive oil by adding grated bottarga. This tagliatelle black ink is suitable for preparing seafood.

Ingredients: Black CharcoalSemolina Flour, and Water.