La Vida Vegan Almond and Chocolate Spread 270g

By Brinkers

La Vida Vegan Almond and Chocolate Spread 270g

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Weight: 270g

Product Description: Get this easy-to-use, healthy, and delicious vegan almond and chocolate spread made with cane sugar, sunflower oil, almonds, chocolate, rice syrup powder, many other. The perfect consistency, smooth texture, and great flavours, we can bet that you’ll be adding this vegan spread to almost everything, especially those French dishes you might have learnt during the quarantine period. Almonds added to this mixture offers a nutty flavour that makes it taste even better.

Ingredients: Cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, almonds* 15%, rice syrup powder*, chocolate* 5% (cane sugar*, low-fat cocoa powder*, cocoa butter*), low-fat cocoa powder*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*, Bourbon vanilla powder*. *= verified organically grown