La Vida Vegan Chocolate Spread 270g

By Brinkers

La Vida Vegan Chocolate Spread 270g

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Weight: 270g

Product Description: A nostalgic treat of almost everyone out there, the chocolate spread has always been an easy and tasty way to add great taste and flavours to many dishes. Made from real and pure ingredients, this vegan chocolate spread includes cane sugar for natural sweetness, low-fat cocoa powder, chocolate, sunflower oil, and many more. The spread comes with amazing consistency that makes it easy-to-spread. All in all, the spread is all about wonderful flavors and a lot of chocolatey goodness, which is one enough reason why you cannot resist yourself from having a spoonful of this rich and healthy spread.

Ingredients: Cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, low-fat cocoa powder* 9%, chocolate* 5% (cane sugar*, low-fat cocoa powder*, cocoa butter*), rice syrup powder*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*, Bourbon vanilla powder*. * = verified organically grown