Lemon, Thyme And Sea Salt Tub

By Cornish Sea Salt

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Lemon, Thyme And Sea Salt Tub

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Expiry Date : 2021-10-15

1 Piece = 55g

Product Description: Fresh and zesty combination of lemon, thyme, and sea salt, this product is one of the most amazing flavoured salts that can give your food the perfect hint of sun-drenched seasoning. The sea salt tub includes fresh lemon peel and lemon oil for a citrusy taste. Also, the addition of other ingredients says garlic, onion, and parsley can help add an authentic flavour to your favourite food items. You can use this flavourful salt for pasta, chicken, or just drizzle onto your cake to balance out the sugar.

Ingredients: Sea Salt 70%, Onion 20%, Roasted Garlic 3%, Lemon Peel 2%, Thyme 2%, Lemon Oil 2%, Parsley 1%