Low Fat Labneh

By Lebanese Dairy Co.

Low Fat Labneh

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Expiry Date : 2021-09-18

1 Piece= 450gm

Product Description: The day you want to consume something tasty and also lighten things up, this low-fat labneh can come to the rescue. Made of reconstituted pasteurized cow’s milk and using a labneh starter culture to transform milk into this delicious item, you can trust this product. This low-fat product is quite nutritive and comes with various health benefits to easily become a must-have in your house. You can try this creamy and flavourful labneh as a dip, spread it onto your favourite bagel, or just a dollop onto sautéed vegetables with a hint of fresh herbs.

Ingredients: Reconstituted Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Labneh Started Culture, Salt