Macar Beef Salami 80g

By Ozyorem

Macar Beef Salami 80g

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Weight: 80g

Product Description: The macar beef salami is made from carefully selected beef and is simply the perfect choice you need for a little snack. This summer sausage uses some great spices and can be cooked in different ways, you can either smoke, grill, or simply add as one of the layers in your favourite sandwich or burger t give them a distinctive taste. Also, it is full of nutrients, so you can have it whenever you want without being conscious of your health.

Ingredients: 50 g beef, 40 g turkey meat, 10 g beef fat, 5 g chicken meat, salt, spices and spice extracts, maltodextrin, coloring food (beetroot juice concentrate), glucose syrup, dextrose, stabilizer (diphosphates), preservatives (sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate*), antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), ripening cultures, smoke.  *for surface treatment.