Malaysian Wokmix 450g

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Malaysian Wokmix 450g

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Weight: 450g

Product Description: This Malaysian Wokmix is a nutritious and delicious mix of baby corn cobs, yellow carrots, green beans, red onion, red sweet pepper, sugar snap peas, and other flavourful vegetables. This premium mix is packed with great minerals and vitamins and offers a scrumptious taste. You can toss this perfect blend of tasty and tender greens into a wok, over noodles or rice, into curries and soups for an instant vitamin hit. It is selected from European fields with the best growing conditions to ensure you get only the best.

Ingredients: Yellow and orange carrots 40%, red sweet pepper 14%, sugar snap peas 11%, green beans 10%, baby corn cobs 8%, black fungus 6%, red onion 6%, and bamboo shoots 5%.