Marigold & Apricot White Tea 50g

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Marigold & Apricot White Tea 50g

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Weight: 50g

Product Description: This white tea from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro is delicately harvested in the early hours of the morning. The silver bristles on the leaves evoke an image of fine moonlight-kissed needles as they "stand" on their ends in the early morning coolness.The leaves are blended with dried apricots and Egyptian marigolds which complement the natural tea notes of peach and Savannah grass.

How to use Marigold and Apricot Blended White Tea:

  • Place 4 grams of tea leaves into an infuser Tea pot
  • Pour Hot water of 70 Degrees into the Teapot
  • Steep and allow to brew for 4 Minutes
  • Mix with spoon to ensure all the tea leaves are well opened
  • Best Enjoyed without Milk
  • This tea contains Caffeine
Origin: Tanzania