Meadows Apple Turmeric Porridge 60g

By Meadows

Meadows Apple Turmeric Porridge 60g

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1 Piece= 60g

Product Description: Start your day right with this nourishing and healthy porridge that is flavoured with apple and turmeric. This perfect breakfast meal for a cold morning fills you up with energy and keeps you fuller for longer. Made with anti-inflammatory turmeric, and apple, this warm and delicious porridge is super healthy and full of taste. It is packed with fibre and goodness of other wholesome nutrients, which makes it a perfect meal for people of all ages. Just open the box and you’ve got a breakfast – or lunch – of champions!


Gluten-Free Oat Flakes*, Raisins*, Sunflower Seeds*, Coconut Sugar*, Freeze-Dried Banana Powder*, Freeze Dried Apple Powder*, Almonds*, Desiccated Coconut*, Rice Milk Powder*, Dried Apples*, Dried Bananas*, Turmeric*, and Cinnamon*.