Menodiccioto Creme Caramel Ice Cream Gelato

From Italy

Menodiccioto Creme Caramel Ice Cream Gelato

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1 Piece = 350 g 

The most loved and classic of Italian ice creams: egg cream. Made with fresh milk from our stable and fresh Italian eggs from free range farms! Covered with a delicious caramel sauce, for a unique taste and texture! Practical packaging, easy to store in the fridge, reusable once the ice cream is finished for the most diverse uses.

Product Ingredients: 

Ingredients: MILK, sugar, caramel sauce 14% (caramel, invert sugar syrup, natural flavours), free range pasteurised whole EGGS, rehydrated skimmed MILK, refined coconut oil, glucose, salt, vanilla. Emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. Stabilisers: locust bean gum.