Mini Chicken Frankfurter

By Perutnina Ptuj

Mini Chicken Frankfurter

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Product Description:

Synonyms with the more familiar term ‘Weiner’ and ‘Hot Dog’, the mini chicken frankfurter can be the hero of your summer party or the BBQ sessions with family or friends. Made from the best chicken meat blended with spices like garlic and other spice extracts, frankfurter will never let you comprise with the exotic taste. When poached and grilled carefully, they can help you create the best juicy and smoky dish.

Ingredients: Chicken Meat 82%, Water, Salt, Pea Fibers, Starches, Stabilizer E450, Antioxidant E300, Spices (Garlic), Extracts of Spices (Paprika Pepper), Preservatives E250 and E262