Mini Chicken Frankfurters Party Mix

By Perutnina Ptuj

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Mini Chicken Frankfurters Party Mix

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Product Description:

An ideal combination of fun, healthy, and tasty eatable, the mini chicken frankfurters party mix can be the best pick for your children. Made of chicken meat, the frankfurters come without membrane that makes it easy for them to be consumed. A rich source of protein, the chicken adds spices like garlic and extract of spices to add amazing flavours to it. It can be taken cold just like any other snack, or you can heat it at the boiling point.

Ingredients: Chicken meat 82%, Water, Salt, Pea Fibres, Starches, Stabilizer(E450), Antioxidant E300, Spices (garlic),Β  Extract of spices(paprika, pepper), Preservatives E250 and E262.