Mini Rice Cakes with Banana 30g

By Dr.Korner

Mini Rice Cakes with Banana 30g

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Expiry Date : 2022-06-08

Weight: 30g

Product Description: Delicious and aromatic, the Mini Rice Cakes with Banana are a snack prepared specifically for children, but adults can enjoy them too. Consisting of banana puree and concentrated apple juice, the healthy snack is made from GMO-free natural ingredients. By using natural banana flavouring, the cakes emanate a mouth-watering aroma that children would surely love. Pair this with a warm glass of milk or pack it as an after-meal school snack for your young one, its taste never disappoints anyone.

Ingredients: Polished rice (round grain rice), concentrated apple juice, banana puree, natural flavour banana, colour (carotene). GMO-free.