Mini Rice Cakes with Caramel 30g

By Dr.Korner

Mini Rice Cakes with Caramel 30g

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Expiry Date : 2022-11-10

Weight: 30g

Product Description: Mini Rice Cakes with Caramel is a treat for everyone who loves sweets. Prepared with the hearty goodness of grain rice and cane sugar, the crunchy and crispy rice cakes are sweet in taste and exquisite in their texture. The inclusion of delicious caramel provides it with an amazing aroma that can increase anyoneโ€™s appetite. These delectable and scrumptious cakes are high in fibre and do not contain GMO ingredients. The cakes can be consumed with tea, coffee, smoothie, milkshake, and other similar beverages.

Ingredients: Polished rice (round grain rice), brown cane sugar, natural flavour caramel, iodized salt, colour (carotene), beetroot juice concentrate. GMO-free.