Organic Acai Ready to Eat with Banana

By Native Berries

Organic Acai Ready to Eat with Banana

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1 Case = 6 Bowls x 200ml

Delight yourself with the creamy and wholesome organic Native Berries – Acai and Banana Sorbet. The ready-to-eat dessert features mouth-watering flavours of the organic Acai berries obtained straight from the Amazon and the subtle sweet banana pulped together to make a blend that is irresistible. The sorbet is gluten-free, does not contain syrups, artificial flavours and dyes. The international certification of organic food approves of all the ingredients that have been used to make the sorbet along with its nutritious value.  

Ingredients: Organic Acai, water, organic sugar, organic banana puree, thickeners: pectin and guar gum and acidulant citric acid.

Product Specifications:

Description: The organic and flavoursome Sorbet from Native Berries containing the irresistible flavours of Acai berries and banana pulped together.

Origin: Brazil