Organic Neapolitan Sauce

By Bioitalia

Organic Neapolitan Sauce

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1 Piece= 350gm

Product Description: For the days when you want something quick and have no time to rush to your favourite restaurant, all you need is this jar of classic Neapolitan sauce. This sauce is perfect for pasta, as a dipping sauce, even works well on a pizza, or can be a great element in many recipes. Even if fresh tomatoes are not in season, you can always have this sauce made from organic chopped tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, and other flavourful ingredients. Just pour some of it in your recipe-for-the-day, toss your favourite vegetables, and cook at the lower flame to get the best flavour and fragrance.

Ingredients: Chopped Tomatoes*(95,4%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Sea Salt, Onion*(0,26%), Garlic*(0,1%), Basil*(0,1%), Oregano* (0,1%). *Organic