No Added Sugar Fruit Muesli

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No Added Sugar Fruit Muesli

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1 Packet =  12 x 420g

Product Description: Look at the list of trendy breakfast items nowadays and you’ll definitely see muesli out there. You can have them anytime you want to satisfy your hunger or cravings. There’s also a better way to consume them by getting a pack of these no added sugar fruit muesli. This wholesome pack contains some great ingredients like raisins, rye, barley, apples, roasted hazelnuts, and much more. All the ingredients come with unique nutritional benefits and have a distinct taste that not only keeps you full but treat your taste buds as well.

Ingredients: Flakes oats 50.5%, flaked wheat 23%, rolled barley 9%, 7% raisins, whole grain wheat, of rye and barley 4%, apples 2.2%, pulp dates 2%, roasted hazelnuts 1%, banana puree 0.8%, roasted almonds 0.5%.

Product Specifications

Description: The fruit muesli with no added sugar and other dried fruits that make your meal sweet and healthy at the same time.

Origin: France