Organic Apple and Blueberry Baby Puree 6+ months

By Rudolfs

Organic Apple and Blueberry Baby Puree 6+ months

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1 Piece= 190g

Product Description: Introduce your baby to the exciting flavour combination of apples and blueberries in this organic apple and blueberry baby puree. Intended for babies 4 months and older, this delicious fruit puree comes packed with wholesome goodness for your baby. It offers a big dose of health-boosting nutrients, including antioxidants to your baby in a super yummy way! Made from organically grown ingredients, this premium quality baby puree is 100% natural with no additives, no added sugar, and no preservatives. The fruits used are not treated with potentially harmful synthetic pesticides. It comes packaged in BPA-free resealable jars.

Ingredients: Apple*80%, blueberry*11%, fructose, water. *-organic ingredients