Avocado Extra Virgin Natural  Oil

By Meadows

Avocado Extra Virgin Natural Oil

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1 Bottle = 250ml

Enhance the flavours of delicate recipes with the 100% organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil from Meadows Organic. The oil is extracted from the fresh and ripe flesh of New Zealand Avocados. Its smooth taste features a mild taste of Hass Avocado which makes it perfect for gentle heating in a frying pan and has a heating point of up to 255°C. You can drizzle the oil over salads, seafood and vegetables. Since avocado is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, lutein, and beta sitosterol, it is one of the healthiest oils you can use to cook your food.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil from Fresh Ripe Flesh of New Zealand Avocados.

Product Specifications

Description: Healthy and flavoursome Extra Virgin Oil from Meadows Organic containing no trans-fats, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients.

Origin: Mexico

Customer Reviews

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Arrived opened, twice

First time irdered 2 bottles of avocado oil, both arrived opened, i didnt think too much about it, but now have just opened another bottle that was delivered to me couple days ago and that too has been opened? Why are the avocado oil bottles opened? Everything other food stuff that have bought has been of amazing quality, but this one :(


On time and fresh