Organic Banana & Raisin Oaty Finger Bars

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Organic Banana & Raisin Oaty Finger Bars

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1 Packet= 5 x 25g

Product Description: This pack of 5 individually wrapped banana + raisin oaty finger bars is made for toddlers of 12+ months. This yummy finger food for toddlers is made from squished organic fruits, not fruit concentrates. It is free from any additives, preservatives or colouring. Fun and healthy, each snack bar contains wholegrain oats and nothing artificial. It is packed with organic bananas, raisins and no refined sugars. All ingredients used are certified USDA organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Wholegrain Oats 42%, Organic Dried bananas 23%, Organic Malted Barley Extract 14%, Organic Raisins 12%, Organic Palm Oil* 6%, Organic Sunflower Oil 3%, Other stuff 0%, *I come from sustainable sources