Organic Vegan Choco Drops Dark 200g

By Dragon Superfoods

Organic Vegan Choco Drops Dark 200g

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Weight: 200g

Description: Delicious and healthy, these dark chocolate drops have a 66% cacao content that makes them a bittersweet delight. The Choco drops are made from high-quality Peruvian cacao with a rich taste and fantastic aroma. Made from organic ingredients, the choco drops are vegan, 100% natural, dairy, and gluten-free. Healthy coconut sugar reduces the bitter content of cacao mass and makes them easy to eat. You can garnish your cake, add them to your smoothie, use them as a topping for ice creams, or simply eat them as a snack.

Ingredients: Cacao mass* (51%), coconut sugar* (33%), cacao butter* (15%), sunflower lecithin*. *organic.