Organic Vegan Choco Drops Mylky 200g

By Dragon Superfoods

Organic Vegan Choco Drops Mylky 200g

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Weight: 200g

Description: Give in to your sweet cravings. The organic Choco Drops Mylky have a sweet, mild, and aromatic texture that melts within your mouth the moment you toss them in. These savoury chocolate drops are a perfect blend of organic Peruvian cacao, coconut cream, and coconut sugar. This dairy-free cooking ingredient and snack is a suitable choice for vegans, health-conscious people, and chocolate lovers. Be creative and add these to your desserts, smoothies, cookies, cakes, stuffed bread, brownies, blondies, fruits, and ice creams. Enjoy a healthy chocolate treat with a guilt-free conscience.

Ingredients: Cacao mass* (43%), coconut sugar* (35%), Coconut cream* (12.5%), cacao butter* (9%), sunflower lecithin*. *organic.