Koita Organic Coconut Beverage

By Koita

Koita Organic Coconut Beverage

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Expiry Date : 2022-02-13

1 Piece= 1L

Product Description: Raise your hands if you love the mild flavour and amazing essence of coconut. Well, if yes, then we have something delicious and healthy for you. Make room for this organic coconut milk in your pantry and you can satisfy your cravings/ hunger/ longing for having something fulfilling and tasty as well. Made of rich and pure ingredients, the drink can be added to your favourite baked recipes, breakfast, or various kinds of beverages like shakes and smoothies.

Ingredients:Β Water , Organic Coconut 4.8%, Sea salt, Organic rice starch, Stabilizer: gellan gum, Organic guar gum ; natural organic coconut flavor.