Cow Ghee 250g

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Cow Ghee 250g

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Expiry Date : 2024-01-24

Weight: 250g

Product Description: The Dhatu Cow Ghee is made using 100% butter from grass-fed cows. It is made by simmering butter over low heat. The milk solids are removed as they form, giving it a smooth and luscious texture. The cow ghee is heat stable and has fat-soluble nutrients and vitamins that help in maintaining good health. It improves bone development, helps weight balance, promotes digestion, boosts immunity, promotes healthy pregnancy, improves vision, and helps in healing wounds.

Ingredients: Cow Ghee.

Product Specifications:

Description: The Dhatu Cow Ghee is made from 100%  butter from grass-fed cows and is rich in fat-soluble nutrients. It has a smooth and luscious texture and has several health benefits.

Origin: India

Flavour: Sweet taste and aftertaste.