Foxtail Millet

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Foxtail Millet

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1 Packet = 500 grams

An excellent dietary source of iron, methionine, copper, manganese and calcium, the organic Foxtail millet from Dhatu Organics helps keep the body strong and immune. It has medicinal benefits such as keeping the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in control. The gluten-free and diabetic-friendly millet is one of the worldโ€™s earliest food plants which dates back to the pre-historic times. Millets are alkalizing foods which help in preventing chronic diseases. It has a texture reminiscent of couscous and the flavour similar to that of quinoa, with nutty notes.

Ingredients: Organic Foxtail Millet.

Product Specifications:

Description: Highly nutritious Foxtail Millet by Dhatu Organics with medicinal benefits and rich mineral content that helps keep the body strong and immune.

Origin: India

Flavour: Texture reminiscent of couscous along with a flavour that is similar to that of quinoa with nutty notes.