Organic Mango Pickle (Oil Free)

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Organic Mango Pickle (Oil Free)

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Expiry Date : 2022-03-21

1 Piece= 250 grams

Organic Mango Pickle (Oil-Free) by Dhatu Organics is made from the finest organic coastal mangoes using the traditional “Lacto fermentation” technique. This age-old method of making pickles by fermentation helps in producing probiotics. These are good bacteria, known to take care of your intestinal health. No use of synthetic additives and preservatives have been made. It can be added to your daily meal to add more taste to the food.

Ingredients: Organic Green Mango, Organic Spices (red chili powder, rock salt, Organic turmeric Powder, Organic Oil.

Products Specifications:

Description: Organic Mango Pickle is made with organic unripe mangos using the age-old “Lacto fermentation” technique.

Origin: India

Flavor: Full of flavour containing sour, savory, spicy notes