Organic Raw Honey

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Organic Raw Honey

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Organic Raw Honey is a natural sweetener that works for all sweetening purposes. This pure form of honey is unpasteurized and cold-filtered and is collected from the beehives of the Gaint Rock Bees (Apis Dorsata) found in the wilderness of the South Indian (Palani Hills) forest. Preserving all its natural properties, the raw, unheated honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. The organic honey makes a great alternative to sugar in tea, can be consumed with warm water to aid weight loss, and can be added as a topping over baked goods, salads, and others.

Ingredients: Raw honey

Products Specifications:

Description: The Organic Dhatu Organics Raw Honey is a pure and natural liquid honey with a distinct taste and nutritional qualities. It does not contain any added sugar or artificial sweetening agents.

Origin: India

Flavor: Natural and sweet flavor