Organic Fruits and Banana Chip

By Meadows

Organic Fruits and Banana Chip

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* Per Jar

1 Jar = 50 grams

These delicious cranberry and banana chips from Meadows Organic are a treat for the taste buds. The snack is perfect to be had during any time of the day. Sliced in a convenient size, you can just pop them into your mouth. The tightly-packed container protects them from getting stale or hydrated due to moisture. The sweet taste of cranberries along with their crunchy texture complements the starchy and sweet bananas that have been sliced.

Ingredients: Organic Bananas and Cranberries

Product Specifications

Description: Meadows Organic Fruits and Banana Chips with a sweet taste and chewy texture. A healthy and enjoyable snack for both adults and kids.

Origin: UAE