Organic Garlic & Herb Stock

By Kallo

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Organic Garlic & Herb Stock

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1 Packet = 6 cubes 

Product Description: Garlic and herbs are like two friends who always look good when together. These two ingredients are capable of giving your favourite dish a restaurant-like taste. The stock comes without artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours, thus making is absolutely safe for health. For a better and flavourful taste, it adds spices like turmeric, mace, and black pepper. Also, the gluten-free and lactose-free stock is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ingredients: Sea salt, maize starch*, palm oil*, garlic powder* (10%), yeast extract, herbs* (1.3%)(lovage*, parsley*, celery leaves*, rosemary*, thyme*), spices* (turmeric*, mace*, black pepper*).