Organic Vegan Gluten Free Immunity Mix 150g

By Dragon Superfoods

Organic Vegan Gluten Free Immunity Mix 150g

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Weight: 150g

Description: Switch to healthy foods for building strong immunity. Rich with vitamins and minerals, this superfood mix consists of 100% organic ingredients such as baobab powder, rosehip powder, ashwagandha, acerola, and chilli. The powerful blend of probiotics and antioxidants will strengthen your body’s defence system. You can mix this immunity booster with warm water, tea, green tea, or even a smoothie and consume it regularly for a healthy and energetic living. This nourishing food is raw, natural, sugar and gluten-free. Because of its many benefits, vegans will love this particular blend.

Ingredients: Baobab powder* (35%), rosehip powder* (30%), ashwagandha powder* (20%), acerola powder* (10%), chili powder* (5%). *organic.