Organic Koita Chocolate UHT Milk Pack of 24 Pcs (24 x 200ml)

From Italy

Organic Koita Chocolate UHT Milk Pack of 24 Pcs (24 x 200ml)

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1 Case = 24 pieces of 200ML each


  • Made with love, our milk is simply full of good and tastes great (No Typical UHT Aftertaste!)

    In our never ending journey to find our customers the best foods for their family, Koita has traveled the world and found the world's BEST ORGANIC Milk. Our Italian cows are grass fed, free range and frankly a lot happier whilst producing our milk! Notably our organic milk fits the Koita company moto of Eat Good, Feel Good and Do Good.

    Eat Good:
    It's yummy and has no typical UHT aftertaste!
    No synthetic hormones
    No antibiotics
    No artificial pesticides
    Naturally gluten-free
    Organic certified
    Added vitamins A & D3

    Koita Milk also uses NO artificial preservatives thanks to a special steam heat treatment process. Our milk can be stored in room temperature (it has a 6 months shelf life) and put in the refrigerator before consumption - whilst retaining that clean and fresh milk taste! Tetra Pak paper keeps out light, air and harmful contaminants. Because no one wants to drink spoiled milk!

    Feel Good:
    A natural source of calcium, drinking our milk can strengthen bones and teeth. Added Vitamin A & D3 also supports your immune system. Finally, our scientists have noticed drinking Koita Organic milk may lead to lots of smiling!

    Do Good:
    Koita will donate 5% of all net profits from our Organic Milk to local charities. For example, we are working with Adopt-A-Camp in the UAE and the Disabled Children's Association in Saudi!



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Organic Koita Chocolate Milk Pack of 24 Pcs (24 x 200ml)