Organic Lurpak Spreadable 200g - Slightly Salted

By Lurpak

Organic Lurpak Spreadable 200g - Slightly Salted

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1 Piece = 200 grams

features & Benefits

• Lurpak® Organic slightly salted spreadable butter in 200g tub

• A delicious and easy to spread blend of Lurpak® organic butter and organic canola oil

• Made with 100% fresh organic cow's milk and a sprinkling of salt

• Can be easily mixed with spices and other ingredients to create new flavor combinations

• The cows that produce the organic milk for Lurpak Butter are free range, which means they have acres of lush green fields to call home

• Suitable for vegetarians Soft, creamy, unmistakably fresh and ever-so-slightly aromatic, Lurpak® Organic butter is made from pure organic cream from Danish cows.

Lurpak® Organic cows graze on organic farms, where we avoid the use of unnecessary 'artificial' pesticides or fertilizers.

Lurpak® Organic dairy products do not contain any genetically modified organisms. Pure natural butter! Create good food in the moment with Lurpak® Spreadable Organic Slightly Salted, a blend of pure Lurpak® organic butter and organic canola oil.

Spread straight from the fridge across your favorite oven-fresh bread and top with whatever you fancy. Be inventive. And see where the flavors take you. Lurpak® Organic Salted Spreadable Butter can be paired with a freshly baked bagel, crunchy toast or a scrumptious scone. Why do you ask? Simply because….Good Food Deserves Lurpak®!