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Organic Mint Tea 10g

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Expiration Date: 2024-03-31

Weight:Β 10g

Product Description:Β For centuries, peppermint tea, one of the most popular beverages, was enjoyed for its refreshing taste, as well as its medicinal properties. The aroma of mint tea alone can help to alleviate cold symptoms and headaches. Owing to the unique Greek climate and soil conditions, the Greek mint is of excellent quality, fragrance, and taste. It is a caffeine-free tea, with no artificial fragrances

Ingredients:Β Mentha piperita X Mint is one of the most popular herbs, known since antiquity for both its distinct aroma and its medicinal value. A native plant in Greece, mint has been used for centuries for indigestion. In Greek mythology, its name is associated with the beautiful nymph Minthi triggering the jealousy of Persephone who transformed her into a mint plant.

The rich soil and warm climate of Greece give the Greek mint a special quality in aroma and taste. The unique, refreshing feeling of coolness that we enjoy either drinking or smelling mint is due to the presence of an ethereal oil, menthol. Menthol, phenolic constituents, and flavonoids constitute the main active ingredients of mint and are considered responsible for its aesculapian actions.

Origin: Greece