Organic Protein Quinoa Fettuccine

By Max Sport

Organic Protein Quinoa Fettuccine

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Expiry Date : 2023-03-07

1 Piece= 200g

Product Description:

You will also fall in love with the very popular Organic Quinoa Fettuccine. This amazing clean label organic protein pasta combines the most modern functional benefits – they are organicvegangluten-freehave a high protein and fibre contentlow glycaemic index, contain no GMO, are quick to prepare and taste great. They will also serve people with dietary restrictions, such as a source of protein for vegansa gluten-free option for people with celiac disease, or an alternative with a low glycaemic index for people on a reduction diet. Fit pasta for every occasion.

Ingredients: Ingredients: soybeans 95%*, quinoa 5%. *From organic agriculture