Organic Tomato And Herb Stock Cubes

By Kallo

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Organic Tomato And Herb Stock Cubes

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1 Packet = 6 cubes 

Product Description: Made from 100% natural ingredients, these stock cubes come with the flavour of fresh tomatoes and best herbs. These cubes are absolutely rich and flavoursome that are simply perfect to boost the natural flavours of your homemade dishes. The cubes are gluten-free and lactose-free that are ideal for vegans and vegetarians. The stock cubes don’t have MSG, artificial colours, or preservatives. These cubes can let you make your simple dishes taste deliciously awesome.

Ingredients: Sea salt, palm oil*, tomato powder* (18%), maize starch*, yeast extract, herbs* (1%) (oregano*, thyme*, lovage leaves*, parsley*, rosemary*), beetroot*, onions*, caramelised sugar*, garlic* pepper*.