Passionfruit Pistachio Granola Cereal

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Passionfruit Pistachio Granola Cereal

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1 Packet = 400g

Product Description: If you love your mornings to begin with an appetizing treat, then you should go for this pack of passionfruit flavoured granola cereal. Along with the presence of passionfruit, it also has a touch of coconut with other nuts and seeds. All these ingredients make this product a wholesome meal that can help you stay full for a long time. It has various health benefits as it supports gut function and helps you stay healthy.

Ingredients: Jumbo rolled oat, rapeseed oil, desiccated coconut, fructose, chicory fibre, concentrated apple juice, black treacle, pistachio halves (3%), cashew nut pieces, almond flakes, hazel nut pieces, passionfruit concentrate (1%), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, golden linseeds, natural flavour.

Product Specifications

Description: A wholesome mixture of nuts and seeds, with an exquisite passionfruit flavour, this  cereal will be you next favourite breakfast meal.

Origin: London