Pasta with Oats Fusilli

By Makfa

Pasta with Oats Fusilli

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1 Piece= 400g

Product Description: Well, there’s no secret that pasta comes with some great perks, from an amazing taste, to a few health benefits, it can even keep you full for long hours. Get this healthy pasta with oats fusilli made from durum flour, which is a refined option and has a higher protein content. The ingredients ads edible oat bran, which has a well-balanced nutritional profile, so you to have it whenever you feel like. It also has oat flour, which is a healthy product and has more fibre and protein content and low carbs as compared to the regular flour. Create a thick sauce and let it get filled into your penne pasta properly for a mouth-watering taste.

Ingredients: Durum Flour for Pasta Made Of Dark Wheat Flour, Edible Oat Bran (10%), Oat Flour (8%), and Drinking Water