Pasta with Oats Spaghetti

By Makfa

Pasta with Oats Spaghetti

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1 Piece= 400g

Product Description: If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to those regular kinds of pasta, this one with oats spaghetti can be the best option to pick for the same. It is made from 100% durum flour, which is considered rich in protein, fibre, and B vitamins. It also adds edible oat bran that is yet another ingredient packed with nutrients. Also, the oat flour is highly nutritious, so you can have your pasta any time you want. Pour your favourite sauces and add veggies of your choice to cook a delicious meal for the day.

Ingredients: Durum Flour for Pasta Made Of Dark Wheat Flour, Edible Oat Bran (10%), Oat Flour (8%), and Drinking Water